You will automatically be considered for several merit-based academic scholarships once you apply to Whitman. We offer additional scholarships to students who have demonstrated excellence in music, 戏剧和舞蹈, 艺术, 或争论.


General Merit-Based Academic Scholarships

When you apply to Whitman, you will automatically be considered for the following merit scholarships. No additional application is necessary.

Whitman awards four-year renewable merit-based scholarships of up to $25,000 to entering students who have excelled academically.

Once you are awarded a merit scholarship you will continue to receive the same merit award during each of your four years at Whitman. If you are enrolled less than full-time in any year, your scholarship amount will prorated based on the number of credits you take.

Garrett-Sherwood奖学金 are awarded by Whitman to exceptional applicants who exhibit outstanding academic achievement, leadership and contributions to their schools and communities.

在惠特曼, Garrett-Sherwood Scholars meet regularly on campus throughout the school year for socials, 网络招待会, 圆桌会议讨论, national grant and fellowship information sessions, 和其他活动. 除了, 在大三春假的时候, Garrett-Sherwood Scholars travel to New York City for a career exploration and networking trip. 在那里, they have a chance to meet local alumni who are leaders in finance, 业务, 媒体, culture and government and can assist the scholars in making contacts in their potential career fields.

Garret-Sherwood Scholars are also invited to campus to visit at Whitman's expense during the weekend of Admitted Students Day, 或者任何他们选择的周末.

This scholarship is awarded to an entering student who has financial need and demonstrates high academic achievement and talent in the fine or performing 艺术s or humanities. 的 Eells scholarship covers tuition and fees for four years and includes a research grant.

President's and Talent-Based Scholarships

Whitman offers scholarships in music, theatre 艺术s, visual 艺术 and debate. 的se talent-based awards require an additional application and may require an on-campus or video audition.

9月1日之后, 2021, you can access the scholarship applications, 提交您的通用应用程序. 登录到 惠特曼的申请人门户 to submit your scholarship application within days of your admission deadline: 

  • 一、入学截止日期: 11月. 15, 2021
  • 早期的决定 I Talent Scholarship Deadline: 11月. 20, 2021

  • 提前录取II截止日期: 1月. 10, 2022
  • 早期的决定 II Talent Scholarship Deadline: 1月. 15, 2022

  • 普通录取截止日期: 1月. 15, 2022
  • Regular Decision Talent Scholarship Deadline: 1月. 24, 2022

的se scholarships are open to all majors. 然而, students awarded these scholarships are expected to p艺术icipate in the 艺术s at some level throughout their time at Whitman—whether it be joining an ensemble, 在一个戏剧的后台工作, 加入辩论队, 或者上艺术课. 的se scholarships honor your passions and fuel your creative spirit.

If you have any questions, please contact Jesse Crosby, talent scholarship coordinator, at crosbyj@惠特曼.edu.

Learn more about individual requirements below:

戏剧与舞蹈系 invites all students with an interest in theater and/or dance to apply for the President’s Scholarship in 的ater. You can explore the application requirements on the 部门网站. We will be accepting materials for consideration in the areas of:
  • 代理
  • 跳舞
  • 设计
  • 戏剧作法
  • 剧本创作
  • 导演
  • 阶段管理
  • 技术剧院
  • 制作或剧院管理
  • 教育宣传
  • 戏剧舞蹈市场营销

Learn more about the application requirements on the 部门网站.

如果你有特殊的才能, experience and demonstrated skill in 艺术 and intend to at least minor in 艺术, we invite you to apply for a 美术校长奖学金. This application requires a 10-piece portfolio of your 艺术work and a brief 艺术ist's statement. 作品集可以涵盖多种媒体. Details about scholarship requirements are available in the 申请人门户. 看看LMG视讯的艺术部.

Scholarships are awarded to entering students in recognition of exceptional talent in debate, 无论经验水平如何. You can explore more about Whitman debate program on the 部门网站. Details about scholarship requirements are available in the 申请人门户.

Whitman College invites you to audition for the 音乐人才奖学金. 无论大, music talent scholarships are awarded to candidates who demonstrate outstanding musical talent. Learn more about the music scholarship application on the 部门网站. Auditions are offered for voice, piano and organ, and all orchestral instruments. Students receiving a music scholarship must be enrolled in one of our musical ensembles. Details about scholarship requirements are also available in the 申请人门户. 


If you are a National Merit finalist and you notify the National Merit Scholarship Corporation by 5月1日 that Whitman is your first-choice college, 你将得到2美元,000 annual National Merit Scholarship from Whitman if you are admitted.